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Hi, I'm Jen! I'm a lifestyle photographer from Phoenix, Arizona. Just a mama who is trying to make a living doing what I love most! Thank you for stopping by and please leave a comment because it really makes my day so much brighter! If you have any questions or would like to book a session just ask!


Oh my!

Well these have to be some of the cutest little charmers in town, they were very sweet and I had such a fun time with them, they actually surprised me! I guess I 'm just used to dealing with my own kiddos and was expecting chaos! Thank you to mom who stepped away and gave me the go ahead, I love that! Here are a few from the session, I hope you like them! Oh, and thank you little Miss A. you were awsome and I loved the way you worked it!


Anonymous said...

Wow, these are ridiculously cute shots. Extremely professional. I love it. Great jOb!